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GLANT ENGLISH ACADEMY is one of the lowest-cost Philippine language schools for a formal educational institution that has received the approval of the Office of Education from the Philippine government.

We give priority to the freedom of students and support an English system that encourages the strength of learning in small classes.


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GLANT ENGLISH ACADMEY, St., Michael Street., Old Banilad Road, Kasambagan, Cebu City, Cebu

【phone number】

Office          +63-32-231-7919

Mr.Susoo   +63-945-975-1906



The specialty 

1. Offer Intensive 1 on 1 classes with lower tuition fee. 

2. Offer customized single rooms for adult clients 

3. Living with students from diverse countries 

4. Varies activities on the weekend (optional fee)

5. Offer special consulting by English natives 



I felt comfortable with this school as if I were at home. I felt everybody in this school spent their own times freely and comfortably. In my opinion, this school opens the door for us especially Japanese who are so called "overseas-blinds" to be more independent. I felt this school told me what the meaning of living abroad is. I think this school has already adjusted itself to the culture the Philippines has in a good way. I bet you can feel the good qualities this country has such as freedom, closeness

The school that is suitable to be called Free



The ambience of this school is free-style and relaxing. I've personally studied in another school in Cebu and at that time I studied for many hours for a day. So, this time I tried taking Mini course!

Each lesson content wasn't so rigid but practical and casual ( actually I forced it to the casual one lol). I enjoyed each class very much. I had classes until 3pm everyday, and after that I spent my free time on going to the nearby boxing gym, going to another one in IT park and going to workout... suspecting my purpose for coming here, I enjoyed myself hanging out around a few big shopping malls and listening to the shop clerks of motorcycle and condominium explaining about their products even though I didn't intend to buy them. I had enough time to enjoy such kind of comical things.

This school doesn't have curfew, so I think this school is suitable for the person who can take control of his own time.




Free-style ambience like no strict rules about alcohol and cigarettes was my favorite part in this school. I always had a good meal which the cook made. Teachers were earnest enough in taking care of students to help me practicing the telephone communication. In my case, I was originally good at reading and grammar but not good at speaking so I tried brushing up my speaking skill. And then, eventually my speaking ability improved.

Going for a trip and staying overnight at a teacher's house with 8 students in Bohol was an exciting thing I had experienced.

Only one thing I wanted the school to do was placing an washing machine made in Japan. lol

The school for learning not only English but also what the Philippines is



Glant was my second school to study English in Cebu so I could compare this school with the previous one. In Glant, there was no curfew and I could go out anytime so I often went to the kind of convenience store "Sari-sari store" to enjoy talking with Filipinos. In the class, when I was interested about the culture and religion in Philippines, I explained about and discussed them with teachers. I thought each class was free-style in a good way.

In my previous school, I was up to my neck in study. And also I couldn't learn lots of things about the fact of the gap between the rich and poor and the political issue. However, in this school, students and teachers were so close to each other that I could feel the real lives of local people including some issues.

Particularly, I highly recommend adult-students to study here. Even if you are unsure of studying here, I will strongly recommend this school to you!

My favorite place



It was my first time to study in Philippines. I had been worried about everything before I came.

However, thanks to good teachers and staffs, this country became my favorite country at the end of the day.

Teachers were always kind enough to answer my questions and the meal that the housekeepers cooked was pretty good.

Regarding the atmosphere and facilities around the school, classrooms and accommodation are in one building and it's so convenient that there are a mall, a supermarket, cafeterias near.

And also, the flexibility this school has that means there is no curfew is attractive to me.

Thank you Cebu!!



First of all, I've been satisfied with this school.

This school isn't so big in some respects, but the quality of the classes is good and teachers are friendly.

There aren't any special rules in Glant, so it's important for students to pull themselves together. On the other hand, I hanged out with teachers and made friends with a lot of local people. So I had lots of valuable experiences outside other than just studying.

I bet I'll be back to Glant if I come to Cebu someday again! Thank you Glant! Thank you Cebu!

Very good school



I remember those things as below about this school.

1. Meal in the dormitory was good.

2. Teachers and janitors are so attractive.

3. About English, I could improve it even for a month.

If you're in two minds, I highly recommend you to become a student in this school.

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